I wanted to thank you and Mike for putting on such a great learning program. I've been to many seminars over the years. This is by far the best technical instruction I have seen. My background is in mechanical, so I had less field experience than almost everyone in the class. However, the way Mike breaks everything thing down allowed me to understand the concepts. WASTE & VENT!!!....I got some studying to do! I think this course would be great for any trades person who wants a better understanding of plumbing in general, and not just for the test. I could have read the books multiple times and not understood what they were saying. Mike separates all the legal talk so the working guy can understand it. Don't change anything. Thank You
Rick McClain, Owner Embree-Reed Mechanical & Plumbing Contractors
On behalf of Precision Plumbing I would like to thank Mike and Tonya Harlow for their excellent service all the way around and their personal attention. Grady Harlow has been a truly valuable resource for our employees.  I have heard nothing but wonderful comments from those that have attended the Plumbing Workshop.  Not to boast but those that have taken the Plumbing Workshop have passed the test the first time taking it.
Connie Frey, Precision Plumbing




I just wanted to thank Michael & Tonya for their very effective instruction. I got my letter from the board yesterday and I passed the P1 & business exam on the first try! Again, thanks so much. I will encourage everyone who wants to obtain their license to take your class. 

John L




I can't tell you how much I enjoyed Mike's teaching style. It seems like most other people in the industry want to teach you how to "beat" the test. They want you to memorize things or learn work-arounds. Mike on the other hand taught me how to think like "them". I feel as though I could take the test this morning and pass it no problem. It was really refreshing to know that their are people like you two who unapologeticlly tell it like it is. I hold many different construction certifications and have sat through many classes and refreshers, I would have to say that yours was my favorite. I don't know of too many people who could fit that much content into a weekend of classes.

Scott O





My name is Thomas V. Pearce and this is my testimony of me getting my plumbing license back in 1973. To begin with I had been doing plumbing work for about four and half years. In January 1973, I was working at Rural Plumbing in Raleigh and I met a man named Grady Harlow who worked for Rural as a Plumbing Estimator . I approached Grady and ask him if he would be willing to teach me the plumbing code book, so I could attain my plumbing license. He then sent out a memo to the rest of the employees asking if anyone else would be interested in a plumbing class. Two other people signed up along with me. He said if we would study hard and listen to him that he could help us pass the exam. At the end of our course we went downtown to get our journeyman card. All three of us passed it with flying colors, and Grady was so proud of us. He then wanted us to proceed to take our State Board Exam and said that he was confident that we could pass the test. In 1973 the State Exam was only given every six months. I took the exam in April of 1973 and failed the exam making 68 on the exam. I went through the entire summer not studying or even picking up the code book. About three weeks before the State Board Exam to be given that fall, Grady approached me and encouraged me to take the exam again. Grady said, “Just take your time, be calm and remember what I told you…you will be fine. So I took his advice and sighed up for the State Board Exam again. Guest What?? I pass the test and Grady was so proud of me and I was grateful to him for believing in me. So this is my testimony of being the first student of Grady Harlow’s first class. He informed me later that he was going to start a business of teaching men and women just like me…Now you know the rest of the story. Today, his son, Michael Harlow, is still carrying on his father’s business. And I say a great big THANK-YOU.




 I took your class for the first time in 2006. I passed my test finally, in November of 2012. Six years later I passed the plumbing test on the 1st try from memory. Your class really helped me when I was ready to take my test. It will continue to help me and my family as we make our own path through the plumbing world. Thanks so much!





I had to drop you a letter and say thank you. Words can never express how you have helped me through my process of passing the Level 2 and Level 3 NC Plumbing Inspectors certification. With my back against the wall and my job on the line you and I worked relentlessly to beat the Plumbing code into my brain. Without you, there is no doubt that I would have never passed these two exams. Your plumbing workshop as grueling and long as it may be was crucial in giving me the tools I needed. The icing on the cake was the one-on-one tutoring sessions leading up to the exam. You will never know how thankful I am and blessed to have a friend like you. Keep up the good work. Know that everyone I come in contact with, who is in need of help on any State certification...I refer them to you. Thanks again for everything and "the check is in the mail."





I would like to express my gratitude for a very commendable job, Michael and Tonya you did to help me pass my plumber license P1. I was recommended to take your class and now I will do so to other people. Kudos Michael and Tonya. Remember every code seminar you organize, its a major "impact"  in somebody's life. Looking forward to seing you in your Electrical workshop soon. Thanks.

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